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Caventer is a program that functions to promote tourism potential in some places of Indonesia. To run the program, Campa cooperates with several local communities. Nowadays, we couple three communities to run the program, they are: Petani Kerang (Seashells Farmer) Serang Banten, PANSELA and Kamu Rote. Our program is support the potential of tourism activities about nature and culture that has existed. Then we conduct training and guidance for them directly. Besides, we also give awareness about positive impact of tourism in economic field and cultural preservation.

The Seashells Farmer Economic Enterprise

The Seashells Farmer Economic Enterprise is located on the north coast of Banten Province. Since long time ago, the seashells community becomes a community which built the collaboration between the collectors and the seashells farmer. Therefore, Lembaga Zakat (Zakat Iinstitutions) creates economic enterprise system for it. From that matter, some NGOs also help to empower this community. Campa supports to make a tour package that involves the community for more getting activities through tourism as the additional value.

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One Day Becomes a Seashell Farmer

KPL Pansela

Peduli Lingkungan Pantai Selatan (Environmental Care of Southern Coast) community is located on the south coast that is Logending Beach, Kebumen. Pansela (the shorten name for that community) is lead by the environment activist, Mr. Sukamsi. Ten years lately, he and Pansela community are managed reforestation of Logending Mangrove forest which destroyed by logging activity before. The success of Pansela is appeared in the real result. Now, Logending beach is overgrown by heavy Mangrove trees which attracting the tourist.

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Explore Cave with One Hundred Waterfall

Kamu Rote

Rote Ndao Kamu community is a community which cares about education, culture, law and politics issues by young people of Rote Ndao. This community has several positive activities in Rote Ndao such as Taman Baca (reading room), Kelas Inspirasi (Inspiration Class) for Elementary School and other social problems. Campa collaborates with Kamu community through supporting the culture division to promote tourism potential in Rote Island. Various guidance and activities is supposed to be aware of the abundant tourism potential in Rote. Check Kamu community’s activity on (


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Explore Rote & Visit Nol KM NKRI

Sasando Tour in Rote Island

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